About Us


The core challenge of the church:

Producing lives transformed by the Word

Who do their part in the whole church body

Scattering the good-news seed

Modeling "life in Christ" to others

& Molding others to do the same.

(what is with all the colors?)



Candies Creek is the longest continuing church in Bradley County. The church was founded by three pioneer families that met in the home of Robert and Caty Mahan to form the church that God has prospered and protected through these many years.


David Landrith was called as pastor, and the church experienced unprecedented numerical growth!


Dr. Jamie Work was called as pastor, and the church sent many for the glory of God across town and across the world!


Stan Gibson was called as pastor, and you can come be part of how God is leading us to build on specific statements Jesus used for being true, known, proven disciples.


  • We value GOD and the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with Him.
  • We value PEOPLE journeying together with one another as a spiritual family and building relationships with PEOPLE who are not yet following Christ.
  • We value the BIBLE as the primary way God speaks to us and use it as the source of authority for our lives and the life of our congregation. 
  • We value PRAYER as the privilege of conversation with God and as a source of power for our lives and the basis of congregational unity.
  • We value TRANSFORMATION as God shapes us and uses us in the world. 
  • We value CONGREGATION when we are together and when we are sent.
  • We value MULTIPLICATION of disciples, leaders, small groups and churches in order to touch the world for Christ.

Our Staff

Pastor Stan Gibson, his wife Heather and their seven children come to us from Marion, South Carolina.    Stan is passionate about leading the body of Christ and walking with them so they can follow the teachings of Christ on being His “real, known and proven” disciples.  Jesus said we need to abide in the Word (Jn. 8:31), Love One Another (Jn. 13:35), and Bear much fruit (Jn. 15:8).

Jonathan and his wife Amanda have three sons and a daughter, Corban, Jadon, Kyson, and Livia. He has a passion for disciple making and the application of God’s Word to his life and other’s lives as well. Those passions stem from his favorite verse, which is James 1:22 that says, “Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourself, but do what it says”.



Christy is the wife of Rick Johns, an avid outdoorsman and incredible husband, and also the mother of two wonderful boys, Tyler and Trent.  She has been a member and volunteer in the Children’s Department at Candies Creek for over 20 years serving in the nursery, AWANA, Sunday small groups, camp and River of Hope classes for preschool and children.   Christy’s desire is to partner with parents and leaders to see children love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.


Being a part of the body helps us to Abide in the Word of God and apply it to our life until it becomes a life style.

We desire to live in community with one another, growing in Christ together, bearing each other's burdens and demonstrating the love of Christ to each other, our community and the world.

Bear Much Fruit

We desire to see God's kingdom expand through discipleship relationships that we intentionally enter in to with one another and with those who do not follow Jesus.