Common Text Questions for 2 Timothy 1

    1. Paul is writing this letter from prison and is believed to be his last writing before his execution. In a sense, this is Paul’s farewell letter to his “son in the faith” Timothy. Read 1:1-5. How often does Paul say he prays for Timothy? Do you or have you ever prayed for someone like that? Why or why not? What does the reference to Paul’s “ancestors” and Timothy’s mother and grandmother teach us about our inheritance of faith? We know that we are not “Christians” because our parents are, so what help is it to have believing family members? If you don’t have believers in your family, how could might you start a legacy to help your future descendants?
    2. Read 1:6-18 Knowing that Timothy has struggling with false teachers, what do you suppose Paul is trying to do in verses 6-7? What gift do you think Paul is referencing? Giving the context, what do you think Timothy is tempted to fear?
    3. What is Timothy not to be “ashamed” of? According to verse 9, what has God called us to? How does Paul make clear that our “holy living” does not bring salvation? What is Paul preparing Timothy to encounter? In what ways does Paul say that this “suffering” will be worth it? Are you fully convinced that God will do what He says He will do? Why or why not? What is Timothy to guard? How is he and you today capable of guarding it?
    4. What disappointment has Paul suffered in verse 15? How has Onesiphorus been a blessing to him? How might you be an Onesiphorus to someone this week?

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