Commons text Questions for 2 Thessalonians 3

    1. Read 3:1-5. What does Paul ask them to pray for? What do you suppose it means to “honor” God’s Word (gospel)? Stop and pray for this by praying for missionaries that you know. What do the people lack who seek to harm Paul and other missionaries? Why does a lack of “it” cause such a violent reaction? In contrast, what is God “faithful” to do? How is this meant to be encouraging to them given their circumstances?
    2. Read 3:6-18. Who are they to keep away from? What does it mean to be “idle”? What kind of example (gives examples of what they did) did Paul and his companions give them even though they had the right to do else wise? It appears that these “idle” people were perhaps taken advantage of the Christians who had money. With that understanding, what might verse 13 mean? How else could that verse apply to our lives?
    3. What is the purpose of “hav[ing] nothing to do with him” who is idle? Honestly, does Paul’s instruction make you uncomfortable? If church discipline’s goal is to bring about correction and to reinstate someone to proper fellowship, why is verse 15 so significant? What do you take away from this section of Scripture? What is 1 application you will take away from the two books addressed to the Thessalonians?

    Disciple Now: The Pursuit-April 3-4th