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Psalm 23

Goodness and Lovingkindness

He Restores My Soul

Easter-Unbelieveable (Jonathan Kyle)

In the Presence of My Enemies

The Lord is My Shepherd

For You Are With Me

Praying with Jesus Towards Church Revitalization

The Irrefutable Results of a Praying People

"The Unbelieveable Priority of Prayer"

"The Irrepressible Example for Leaders" (Jonathan Kyle)

"The Unequiviocal Expectation for Unity"
"Irrevocable Nature of Christ's Lordship" (Jamie Work)

"Insurmountable Value of God's Word" (Jonathan Kyle)

"Indispensible Demand for Faith" (David Delmotte)

Under-Rowers of Christ (Shannon Brown)

Exodus 13 Series

To Give You Light

God is Intentional, Personal, and All Powerful

God Leads His People

John 1 Series

Special Guest: Brad Stanley

In Christ Was Life

Acts 2-3 Series

Times of Refreshing (Jonathan Kyle)

The Fulfillment of Jesus

Names of Jesus 

Leaping and Praising God!

The Devoted Church 

The People in Your Life (Phil Taylor)

2 Chronicles Series

2 Chronicles 20:24-31: With Joy

2 Chronicles 20:1-13: Our Eyes Are on You

The Mysterious Hand of God (Pastor Jamie Work)

A Song of Confidence-Psalm 27 (Pastor Dave Delmotte)

Joshua Series:Memorial/Altars

Joshua 5:Face to Face-The Captain of the Lord's Host

Joshua 4:Stones Memorial/Altar

Strive (Pastor Jonathan Kyle)

Bull's-Eye Discipleship Series

Bull's Eye: Surrender and Obey

The Alongsider's Bullseye

One Another One Another

The Word and Prayer

One Another One Another Part 2

Guest Speaker: Dr. Brendon Witte


Follow Fully or Rebel Fool-y

With God and Without Fear

Acts 7 Series:

Stephen and the Patriarchs

Stephen and Moses

Stephen and the Old Testament

Stephen and Stoning

I Will Pour Out My Spirit

Resolved (Jonathan Kyle)

Return to the Lord

Cry Out to the Lord

Drawing Near (Jonathan Kyle)



Discipleship Message: Dr. Denley Caughman

Leviticus 19 Series

Holiness: Love Your Neighbor

Holiness: God is Serious About Being God

He is Holy:We Should Be Holy (Jonathan Kyle)

(PPT. Slides)

Psalm 27 Series:

One Thing

Open Invitation (Jonathan Kyle)

Behold the Beauty

Fixing our Eyes on Jesus: Discipline

Fixing Our Eyes On Jesus:  Since We....Let US...Let US

Fixing Our eyes On Jesus

"What Compels You"
Guest Speaker Brad S.

The King is Here: Glory in the Highest

The King is Here: Born...Savior...Christ

The King is Here: Good News Great Joy

The King is Here: Don't Be Afraid

11/25/2018  The Wise and the Foolish Builder
(Guest Speaker Dr. Brendon Witte)

11/11/2018  Walk After the Lord

11/04/2018  Hear the Words of the Book

10/21/2018 Exodus 14: In the Middle
10/14/2018  Exodus 14: Do Not Fear

10/07/2018  Exodus 14 Going Out Boldy

Word2Life Series

Message 1: Word2Life Disciplemaking Introduction and Tool Usage

Message 2: Abide in the Word-Seek the Lord and Be Glad

Message 3: Abide in Prayer-Call Upon the Lord

Message 4: Abide/Love in Worship- Private and Congregational

Message 5: Loving One Another - Community Part 1 (Sermon Notes Only)

Message 6: Loving One Another- Community Part 2 (Sermon Notes Only)

Message 7:  Serving in the Church and In the World

Message 8:  Bearing Fruit: Making Disciples

Neighboring Sermon Series

Message 1: THE LIGHT/Lights

Message 2: Fulfill the Royal Law

Message 3: Proclaim His Excellencies and Behave Excellently

Message 4: I Also Send You

Sub-Series on "The Gospel"

Message 5: "The Holy Creator God"

Message 6: "Man's Rebellion and Sin"

Message 7: "Jesus"

Message 8: "Faith and Surrender"

05/20/2018  Take Up Your Cross Daily

05/13/2018  Deny Yourself

05/06/2018  No video available

04/29/2018  Our God

4/22/2018  You Provided

04/15/2018  Exalted Above All

04/01/2018 Firstborn from the Dead

03/25/2018  Living Sent

03/18/2018  Good News

03/11/2018  Unrepentant Bullies

03/04/3018  God Gives Us Assurance in Our Calling

Stewardship Emphasis: Seeking God's Best

Message 1: Joseph a Man of Promise

Message 2: Joseph-His First and Best Despite His Situation

Message 3: Joseph a Man of Progress

Message 4: Joseph a Man of Process

01/28/2018 Press On

01/21/2018  Priority, Provision, Power

01/14/2018  No Video-Guest Missionary

01/07/2018  Servants Serve. Workers Work

12/24/2017 To Fulfill

12/17/2017  See...Worship...Offer

12/10/2017 God With Us

12/03/2017 No Video Available

11/26/2017  Prepared me for Burial

11/19/2017 Inherit the Kingdom


11/05/2017 Actively Watch

10/29/2017 His Servants

10/22/2017  Righteous and Brokenhearted

10/15/2017 No Recording-Guest Missionary

10/08/2017  Delivered From Fear

10/01/2017  Exalt His Name Together

09/24/2017  Hold Fast the Word of Life

09/17/2017  Guest Speaker- Heath Eslinger

09/10/2017 God Helps Those Who Humble Themselves

09/03/2017 Jesus Humbled Himself

08/27/2017 A Gospel Message, A Gospel Hope, A Gloomy Hour

08/20/2017  The Lord is Our Righteousness

08/13/2017  His Loving Kindness is Everlasting

08/06/2017  Call to Me

07/23 and 07/30  Guest video available

07/16/2017  Doing it Right

07/09-2017  Watch Yourselves...Do Not Forget

07/02/2017 Love...Teach Diligently...Do
06/25/2017  Be at Peace- Overcome Evil With Good

06/18/2017  Devoted to One Another and Prayer

06/11/2017  Members of One Another

06/04/2017  No Video Available

05/28/2017  The Lamb of God

05/21-2017  Grace and Truth

05/14/2017  Believe...Receive...Children of God

05/07/2017  The Word Was God

04/30/2017  Remember: New Testament

04/23/2017  Remember: His Past Faithfulness = Future Trust

04/16/2017  Something New...Spring Forth

04/09/2017  You are My Witnesses

04/02/2017  Loved By God

03/26/2017 Gracious Vs. Greedy (Audio Only)

03/19/2017  A Faithful Man

03/12/2017  Be Gracious...Confess

03/05/2017  Seek the Lord...Walk in Integrity

02/26/2017  Descendants...Generations

02/19/2017  Exceedingly Fruitful

02/12/2017  Applying the Gospel to Life: Grace

02/05/2017   Walk Before Me

01/29/2017   Christ Jesus’ Attitude

01/22/2017   United in Spirit

01/15/2017   Striving Together

01/08/2017   Fruitful Labor

01/01/2017   To Live is Christ

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